Debian GNU/Linux


"Pocket" ISP based on RedHat Linux

Outlines the setup of a single RedHat box for dial-ins,virtual web hosting, virtual email, POP3 and ftp servers.
3 Button Serial Mouse mini-HOWTO

How to get a 3 button serial mouse working properly under Linux.
4mb Laptop HOWTO

Put a "grown-up" Linux on a small-spec (4mb RAM, <=200mb hard disk) laptop.
802.1X Port-Based Authentication HOWTO

Describes the software and procedures to set up and use IEEE 802.1X Port-Based Network Access Control using Xsupplicant as Supplicant with FreeRADIUS as a back-end Authentication Server.
A mSQL and perl Web Server HOWTO

How to build a SQL client/server database using WWW and HTML for the user interface.
ACPI: Advanced Configuration and Power Interface

Outlines how to patch a kernel for ACPI support; which allows control of power management from within the operating system.
ADSL Bandwidth Management HOWTO

Describes how to configure a linux router to more effectively manage outbound traffic on an ADSL modem.
ATI R200 + XFree86 4.x mini-HOWTO

Describes the procedure of making XFree 4.x run on an ATI R200 (Radeon 8xxx series).
ATM on Linux HOWTO

Describes how to install, setup, and configure the necessary drivers and tools to support ATM networking under Linux.
Alpha Miniloader HOWTO

Describes the Alpha Linux Miniloader (also known as MILO), a program for Alpha-based systems that can be used to initialize the machine and load Linux.

Describes the installation of the ALSA sound drivers for Linux.

Describes how to install, configure, and maintain a hardware RAID built around the 5070 SBUS host based RAID controller by Antares Microsystems.
Apache Compile HOWTO (Linux edition)

Describes how to compile the Apache Webserver with important modules like mod_perl, mod_dav, mod_auth_ldap, mod_dynvhost, mod_roaming, mod_jserv, and mod_php.
Apache based WebDAV Server with LDAP and SSL HOWT

A HOWTO on implementing WebDAV services using Apache - with LDAP for authentication and SSL for ensuring security of the DAV stores.

Details the installation of an Apache based webserver suite configured to handle DSO, and various useful modules including mod_perl, mod_ssl and php.
Athlon Powersaving HOWTO

How to enable the power-saving functionality of the Athlon/Duron/AthlonXP processor on some motherboards/chipsets.
Authentication Gateway HOWTO

Document explains how to setup an authentication gateway.
BASH Programming - Introduction HOWTO

This article intends to help you to start programming basic-to-intermediate shell scripts.

Assists the reader in the steps necessary to configure and use a video tuner card based on the popular Bt848 and Bt878 chipsets within the Linux operating system.
Backup-With-MSDOS mini-HOWTO

How to use a Linux-compatible tape drive installed on an MS-DOS machine to back up the filesystem of a Linux machine.
Bandwidth Limiting HOWTO

Describes how to set up your Linux server to limit download bandwidth or incoming traffic, and how to use your internet link more efficiently.
Bash Prompt HOWTO

Creating and controlling terminal and xterm prompts is discussed, including incorporating standard escape sequences to give username, current working directory, time, etc.
Battery Powered Linux Mini-HOWTO

How to optimize and configure power management on a ready-configured Linux system for use on battery-powered laptops.
Belgian HOWTO

How to tweak Linux for Belgian users; lists Linux user groups, businesses and other resources in Belgium.
Bengali in GNU/Linux HOWTO

A document to setup and develop support for Bengali (Bangla) in GNU/Linux.
Beowulf HOWTO

Describes step by step instructions on building a Beowulf cluster. This is a Red Hat and LAM specific version of this document.
BogoMips mini-HOWTO

Some information about BogoMips, compiled from various sources.
Bridging mini-HOWTO

Describes how to setup an ethernet bridge.
Brief Introduction to Alpha Systems and Processor

A brief overview of existing Alpha CPUs, chipsets and systems.
Building a Secure RedHat Apache Server HOWTO

Explains how PKI and SSL work together. It is essential to understand how the SSL protocol works to successfully deploy a secure server.
Building and Installing Software Packages for Lin

A comprehensive guide to building and installing "generic" UNIX software distributions under Linux.
Bzip2 mini-HOWTO

This HOWTO has been removed for review.
C editing with VIM HOWTO

An introduction to editing C and other language files whose syntax is similar like C++ and Java in vi/VIM.
C++ dlopen mini HOWTO

How to dynamically load C++ functions and classes using the dlopen API.
C-C++ Beautifier HOWTO

This HOWTO has been removed for review.
CD-Writing HOWTO

Explains how to write CD-ROMs under Linux.

Describes the steps and commands you can use to setup your own CD Server using Linux and some built-in Unix commands along with other freely available software packages.

Helps people understand how a CPU is designed and manufactured. Contains references to various resources.
CVS-RCS HOWTO for Linux (Source Code Control Syst

This HOWTO has been removed for review.
Cable Modem HOWTO

Written to assist the Linux user in configuring a cable modem for internet access using a cable network.
Caudium HOWTO

An overview of the Caudium (web) server. Includes information on setup, development, and optimization.

Describes installing the BIND 9 nameserver to run in a chroot jail and as a non-root user, to provide added security and minimise the potential effects of a security compromise.

Describes installing the BIND 8 nameserver to run in a chroot jail and as a non-root user, to provide added security and minimise the potential effects of a security compromise.
Clock Mini-HOWTO

How to set and keep your computer's clock on time.
Coffee Making

Yes, Linux DOES make coffee, and it tastes good.
Commercial Port Advocacy mini-HOWTO

Discusses methods that can be used to approach commercial software companies to convince them to port their programs to Linux.
CompaqT1500-Linux HOWTO

Lists the procedures and tools needed to boot the Compaq T1500, using a Netboot of both the native file system and a generic Linux installation.
Compressed TCP/IP-Sessions using SSH-like tools

Discusses how to compress data streams.
Conexant/Rockwell modem HOWTO

A guide to using Conexant and Rockwell chipset based Software modems under Linux.
Connecting X Terminals to Linux Mini-HOWTO

How to connect X Terminals with a Linux host using nfs, xfs, xdm and xdmcp.
Connecting to MS SQL 6.x+ via Openlink/PHP/ODBC m

How to connect to MS SQL 6.x+ database server via ODBC functions of PHP3 (3.0.1x or above) compiled with Openlink drivers under Linux.
Creating Integrated High Quality Linux Applicatio

Tries to clarify some issues and give tips on how to create Linux applications highly integrated to the Operating System, security and easy of use.
Cryptoloop HOWTO

Eplains how to create encrypted file systems using the Cryptoloop functionality. Cryptoloop is part of the CryptoAPI in the 2.6 Linux kernel series.

How to become a totally "small time" DNS admin.
DSL HOWTO for Linux

Examines the DSL family of high speed Internet services now being deployed in various markets worldwide. Information is included on the technology behind DSL as well as subscribing, installing, configuring, and troubleshooting.
DVD Playback HOWTO

This document describes how to view DVD movies on a Linux computer with a DVD drive.
Debian Binary Package Building HOWTO

Shows how to build a minimal Debian .deb package.
Debian and Windows Shared Printing mini-HOWTO

Demonstrates how to use command-line tools to configure your Debian system for printing. It explains how to send documents from Linux to Windows printers and how to share Linux printers with Windows PCs.
Development for Multiple Linux Distributions mini

Outlines a quick hack to aid in developing and testing user-space programs for multiple Linux distributions.

Shows some typical scenarios for easy start using Diald. Replaces the Diald mini-HOWTO.
Disk Encryption HOWTO

A method is described for encrypting a hard disk, either in whole or in part, with the encryption key stored on an external medium for increased security.
Disk on Chip HOWTO

Discusses how to make the Flash Drives Linux bootable. Describes how to boot from such a drive, instead of from the normal hard drive.
Diskless Nodes HOWTO for Linux

This HOWTO has been removed for review.
DocBook Demystification HOWTO

Attempts to clear the fog and mystery surrounding the DocBook markup system and the tools that go with it.
DocBook Install mini-HOWTO

A detailed practical guide for novices to quickly getting DocBook installed and processing SGML files into HTML, PostScript and PDF on a GNU/Linux system.
DocBook XML/SGML Processing Using OpenJade

Explains setting up OpenJade to process SGML/XML DocBook documents.
Emacs Beginner's HOWTO

Introduces Linux users to the Emacs editor.
Encrypted Root Filesystem HOWTO

Explains how to make your personal data secure by encrypting your Linux root filesystem using strong cryptography.
Encrypted Tunnels using SSH and MindTerm HOWTO

How to use SSH and the Java-based program MindTerm to create quick, secure, and reliable VPN-like tunnels over insecure networks.
Enterprise Java for Linux HOWTO

How to set up an Enterprise Java environment on Linux including a JDK, a Web server, supporting Java servlets, accessing a database via JDBC, and supporting Enterprise Java Beans (EJBs).
Ethernet Bridge + netfilter Howto

Information on setting up an ethernet bridge with a surveying and/or regulating instance into an existing network topology.
Euro Character Support mini HOWTO

Describes how to make the Euro character support in GNU/Linux work.

The purpose of this document is to show you how to create good presentations for almost any sort of Linux event.
FBB Packet-radio BBS mini-HOWTO

Covers the installation and use of the most popular amateur packet-radio BBS software FBB.
Fedora Multimedia Installation HOWTO

How to get various proprietary and restricted multimedia Damned Things (Flash, MP3, Java, mpeg, avi, Real Media, Windows Media) working under Fedora.
Filesystems HOWTO

About filesystems and accessing filesystems.
Finnish HOWTO

Describes how to localize GNU/Linux for Finnish users (written in Finnish).
Firewall Piercing mini-HOWTO

Directions for using ppp over telnet to do network activities transparently through an Internet firewall.
Firewall and Proxy Server HOWTO

Designed to describe the basics of firewall systems and give you some detail on setting up both a filtering and proxy firewall on a Linux based system.
Framebuffer HOWTO

How to use the framebuffer devices in Linux with a variety of platforms. Also includes how to set up multi-headed displays.
Free Software Project Management HOWTO

A guide to the non-technical aspects of free software project the non-technical aspects of free software project management; and was written to be a crash course in the people skills that aren't taught to commercial coders but that can make or break a free software project.
From Power Up To Bash Prompt

A brief description of what happens in a Linux system from the time that you turn on the power, to the time that you log in and get a bash prompt.
From VMS to Linux HOWTO

Aimed at all those who have been using VMS and now need or want to switch to Linux.

Discusses essential do's and dont's for the ftape floppy tape driver under Linux. Focuses on the newest version (ftape-4.02 at the time of this writing).
GCC Frontend HOWTO

Creating a new GCC front end.

How to acquire, install and configure a powerful scientific public-domain Geographic Information System (GIS): the Geographic Resources Analysis Support System (GRASS).
GNU/Linux Aviation HOWTO: Flying with GNU/Linux

Intended to provide pointers to software packages that run under GNU/Linux and are usefull to pilots (private, commercial or military), airlines, airports or any actors in the aeronautical domain.
GNU/Linux Post-Installation Checklist

Provides a checklist for steps you should take immediately after installing GNU/Linux.
GNU/Linux Pre-Installation Checklist

An aide-memoire which may make installation of Linux a pleasant experience for you.
German HOWTO

Addresses Linux localization issues specific to German users (written in German).
Glibc 2 HOWTO

Covers installing and using the GNU C Library version 2 (libc6) on Linux systems.
Glibc Installation HOWTO

Explains how you install a new version of glibc on your system.
HOWTO Clone Disk Images on Linux Booted from a Ne

Describes a setup that allows a machine to boot Linux from BOOTP/TFTP, using the Grub boot loader, and save and restore disk and partition images to and from a TFTP server.
HOWTO Use a Compaq Remote Insight Lights Out Edit

Describes the installation of Linux on a headless Compaq ProLiant server with a Compaq Remote Insight Lights-Out Edition card without physical access to the system.
HOWTO for inHouse IntraNet

Describes the procedure to set up a NETWORK (INTRANET) at your home. Then we shall setup the network such that NETSCAPE Clients can be used on ANY machine to access the internet. . .
HOWTO: Multi Disk System Tuning

How best to use multiple disks and partitions for a Linux system.
HP HOWTO - Utilisation and Configuration Guide of

Describes the use of products available in the Hewlett-Packard (HP) catalog with Linux and some free software.
Handspring-Visor with Linux mini-HOWTO

Using the Visor with Linux and your USB port.
Hard Disk Upgrade Mini HOWTO

How to copy a Linux system from one hard disk to another.
Hebrew HOWTO

How to configure your Linux machine to use Hebrew characters on X-Windows and Virtual Consoles.
Hellenic HOWTO

Addresses Linux localization issues specific to Greek users (written in Hellenic).
Home Electrical Device Control mini HOWTO

Use Linux to control your home electrical devices.
How to Develop Accessible Linux Applications

Provides Linux software developers with guidelines and test cases for developing accessible Linux applications.
How to change the title of an xterm

How to use escape sequences to dynamically change window and icon titles of an xterm.
How to setup international keyboard in X Windows

This xmodmap and kimap solutions will work for you in setting up any international keyboard for (Debian, RedHat, Mandrake, Corel) Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD and possibly every Unix that uses Xfree86 and KDE.
Howtos-with-LinuxDoc mini-HOWTO

This is about how to write HOWTOs using the simple LinuxDoc markup. It's primarily for Linux Documentation Project authors (and future fledging authors who want to get started fast). If you want to use the more advanced DocBook markup (including XML) see the LDP Author Guide.
I/O Performance HOWTO

Covers information on available patches for the 2.4 kernel that will improve the I/O performance of your Linux operating system.
IPMasquerading+Napster mini-HOWTO

Present a way to allow users behind an IPMasq'd system to use Napster.

How to use Linux to connect to an Internet Service Provider via a dial-up modem TCP/IP connection (basic dial-up procedure and IP establishment, email and news handling is covered).
Implementing a System Call on Linux 2.6 for i386

Information about implementing system calls in the Linux operating system for i386 architecture with 2.6 kernels.
Indic Fonts HOWTO

A detailed guide on how to install and use Indic scripts (devanagri etc.) using UTF-8 encoding under GNU/Linux.

Helps install the Ingres II Relational Database Management System on Linux.
Installing Boca Card Mini-HOWTO

Describes the basics of a Boca 16-port serial card (Boca 2016) with Linux.
Installing Emacspeak HOWTO

Installation instructions for the Emacspeak audio desktop application for Linux.
Installing GNU/Linux on the IBM RS/6000 43P model

Describes the installation of GNU/Linux on the IBM RS/6000 43P model 7248 series.
Installing Linux on ZIP disk using ppa ZIP Drive

This document is only useful for those with the printer port version of a ZIP drive who wish to have either a portable or backup Linux system on a ZIP disk.
Jabber Server Farming How-To

Provide Jabber admins a look into the present and future of Jabber Server Farming.

Explains how to set up your server to allow CGI programs written in Java and how to use Java to write CGI programs.
Java Decompiler HOWTO

This HOWTO has been removed for review.
Kerberos Infrastructure HOWTO

Describes the design and configuration of a Kerberos infrastructure for handling authentication with GNU/Linux. It details steps for a best practices method of setting up servers, Kerberos software,conversion of legacy systems, and answers frequently asked questions.

Explains some things about the Linux Kernel, such as the most important components, how they work, and so on.
Kodak Digital Camera HOWTO

Getting a Kodak digital camera working under GNU/Linux.

LBX (Low Bandwidth X) is an X server extension which performs compression on the X protocol.

Information about installing, configuring, running and maintaining a LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) Server on a Linux machine.

Index to the Linux HOWTOs as well as other information about the LDP.
LDP WikiText Editing HOWTO

Explains how to use the LDP WikiText editing format to create DocBook documents for the LDP.

Lilo (LILO) is the most used Linux Loader for the x86 flavour of Linux. This describes some typical Lilo installations. Intended as a supplement to the Lilo User's Guide.
LILO, Linux Crash Rescue HOWTO

This HOWTO has been removed for review.

Will hopefully let you build and use a Parallel Line Interface Protocol.
Large Disk HOWTO

All about disk geometry and the 1024 cylinder limit for disks.
Le Francophones-HOWTO : Linux & la langue fra

Leased line mini-HOWTO

Configuring your modem and pppd to use a 2 wire twisted pair leased line.
Lego Mindstorm with Linux Mini-HOWTO

Intended to serve as a very brief introduction to the options available for using the Lego Group's Mindstorm Robotics Invention System (RIS) from within Linux.
Libdc1394 Library Support for IEEE 1394 Cameras H

Discusses how to set up the libdc1394 library on Linux for support of IEEE 1394 (FireWire) cameras.
Link-sys WPC11 Mini-HOWTO

How to set up a Wireless Link-Sys WPC11 card using a Link-SYS Wireless Access Point/DSL/Switch on a Debian system.
Linksys Blue Box Router HOWTO

Hints and tips for managing Linksys routers from a Linux system, including the firmware upgrade procedure.

Describes Linmodem (winmodem hardware) support under Linux.
Linux + Windows 95 mini-HOWTO

Details how to install Linux on a machine that currently runs Windows 95.
Linux + Windows HOWTO

Aimed at assisting those who wish to use the features of both Linux and Windows on the same host.
Linux 2.4 SCSI subsystem HOWTO

Describes the SCSI subsystem as the Linux kernel enters the 2.4 production series. An external view of the SCSI subsystem is the main theme. Material is included to help the system administration of the Linux SCSI subsystem.
Linux 2.4.x Initialization for IA-32 HOWTO

A description of the Linux 2.4 kernel initialization sequence on IA-32 processors.
Linux ACP Modem (Mwave) mini-HOWTO

Describes how to build, setup, and use the ACP (Mwave) Modem feature of the IBM Thinkpad[tm] 600E, 600, and 770x.
Linux ADSM mini-HOWTO

How to install and use a client for the commercial ADSM backup system for Linux/i386.
Linux AI & Alife HOWTO

Information about, and links to, various AI related software libraries, applications, etc. that work on the Linux platform.

Explains how to install Linux on an Intel Pentium compatible computer with an ATA RAID Controller (onboard chip or seperate card), single or multiple processors and at least two hard disks.
Linux Accessibility HOWTO

Covers the use of adaptive technologies that are available for Linux.
Linux Advocacy mini-HOWTO

Suggestions for how the Linux community can effectively advocate the use of Linux.
Linux Alphanumeric Pager Gateway Mini-HOWTO

Discusses the compilation and installation of e-mail to Pager gateway.
Linux Amateur Radio AX.25 HOWTO

How to install and configure support for the AX. 25 packet radio protocol utilized by Amateur Radio Operators worldwide.
Linux Apache SSL PHP/FI frontpage mini-HOWTO

About building a multipurpose webserver that will support dynamic web content via the PHP/FI scripting language, secure transmission of data based on Netscape's SSL, secure execution of CGI's and MS Frontpage Server Extensions.
Linux Assembly HOWTO

How to program in assembly language using FREE programming tools, focusing on development for or from the Linux Operating System on IA-32 (i386) platform.
Linux Backspace/Delete mini-HOWTO

Solutions for having working Backspace and Delete keys on the console and on X.
Linux Benchmarking HOWTO

Discusses some issues associated with the benchmarking of Linux systems and presents a basic benchmarking toolkit.
Linux BootPrompt HOWTO

A compilation of all the possible boot time arguments that can be passed to the Linux kernel at boot time. Includes all kernel and device parameters.
Linux Bootdisk HOWTO

How to design and build your own boot/root diskettes for Linux.
Linux Bridge + Firewall Mini-HOWTO

A bridge is an intelligent connection wire between two network cards. A firewall is an intelligent insulator.
Linux Bridge-STP-HOWTO

Describes how to setup a bridge with the recent kernel patches and brctl utility by Lennert Buytenhek. With developer kernel 2.3.47 the new bridging code is part of the mainstream. On 20.06.2000 there are patches for stable kernels 2.2.14 and 2.2.15.

How to install, configure, and use CD-ROM drives under Linux.
Linux Cipe+Masquerading mini-HOWTO

How to setup a VPN using Cipe on a linux masquerading firewall.
Linux Cluster HOWTO

How to set up high-performance Linux computing clusters.
Linux Commercial HOWTO

A listing of commercial software and applications which are offered for Linux.
Linux Complete Backup and Recovery HOWTO

A step-by-step tutorial on how to back up a Linux computer so as to be able to make a bare metal recovery, and how to make that bare metal recovery. Includes some related scripts. "Bare metal recovery" is the process of rebuilding a computer after a catastrophic failure.
Linux Crash HOWTO

Describes the installation and usage of the LKCD (Linux Kernel Crash Dump) package.
Linux DPT Hardware RAID HOWTO

How to set up hardware RAID under Linux.
Linux Danish/International HOWTO

How to configure Linux and various Linux applications for Danish locale standards such as keyboard, font, paper-size etc.
Linux Documentation Project Reviewer HOWTO

This document will help you review LDP documentation. It includes procedures, tips and techniques to make the process easier.
Linux Ecology HOWTO

Discusses ways Linux computers can be used as a means to protect our environment, by using its features to save power or paper.
Linux Electronic Mail Administrator HOWTO

Describes the setup, care and feeding of Electronic Mail (e-mail) under Linux. Primarily intended for administrators.
Linux Ethernet HOWTO

Information about which ethernet devices can be used for Linux, and how to set them up (focused on the hardware and low level driver aspect of the ethernet cards; see Network HOWTO for software configuration information).
Linux HOWTOs

This is a list of installed HOWTOs
Linux Hardware Compatibility HOWTO

Lists most of the hardware supported by Linux and helps you locate any necessary drivers.
Linux I/O port programming mini-HOWTO

Describes programming hardware I/O ports and waiting for small periods of time in user-mode Linux programs running on the Intel x86 architecture.
Linux IP Masquerade HOWTO

How to enable the Linux IP Masquerade feature on a given Linux host.

How to obtain, install and configure the enhanced IP firewalling chains software for Linux, and some ideas on how you might use them.

How to obtain, install and configure various tools available for the Linux operating system that use the Linux kernel IPX protocol support.
Linux IPv6 HOWTO

The goal of this HOWTO is to answer both basic and advanced questions about IPv6 on the Linux operating system. This HOWTO will provide the reader with enough information to install, configure, and use IPv6 applications on Linux machines.
Linux IRC mini-HOWTO

Describes the basics of IRC and respective applications for Linux.
Linux Information Sheet

Provides basic information about the Linux operating system, including an explanation of Linux, a list of features, some requirements, and some resources.
Linux Install From PPA-Zip drive mini-HOWTO

How to install Linux from a parallel port zip drive using the Slackware Linux distribution.
Linux Installation Strategies

Discusses a few installation strategies for those who intend to dual-boot between Windows and Linux.
Linux Installfest HOWTO

Provides some guidelines that should help you run a successful installfest.
Linux Intranet Server HOWTO

How to setup an Intranet using Linux as the server which binds Unix, Netware, NT and Windows together.
Linux Italian HOWTO

Addresses Linux localization issues specific to Italian users (written in Italian).
Linux Kernel HOWTO

This HOWTO has been removed for review.
Linux Loadable Kernel Module HOWTO

Explains what Linux loadable kernel modules (LKMs) are, and how to use and create them.

Describes the hardware, software and procedures needed to play and sequence using MIDI under Linux.
Linux MP3 CD Burning mini-HOWTO

A complete recipe for creating audio CDs from MP3 files.

Describes the hardware, software and procedures needed to encode, play and stream MP3 sound files under Linux.
Linux Mail User HOWTO

An introduction to the world of electronic mail (email) under Linux. Focuses on user-level issues and typical configurations for Linux home and small-business machines connected to the net via an ISP.
Linux Mail-Queue mini-HOWTO

Configuration changes necessary to make sendmail deliver local mail now; while stashing remote mail in the queue until <I CLASS="CITETITLE">"I Say So"</I>.
Linux Man Page HOWTO

Explains what you should bear in mind when you are going to write on-line documentation -- a so called man page -- that you want to make accessible via the man(1) command.
Linux Medicine-HOWTO

Some pointers to Linux software (mostly GPLed) for the medical sciences.
Linux Meta-FAQ

Mainly a list of valuable sources of information for Linux. Use these sources if you want to learn more about Linux, or have problems and need help.
Linux Migration to Promise RAID Card HOWTO

Outlines the steps of how to migrate an existing (Red Hat) Linux install onto a Promise TX2 Card for the purposes of RAID-1 Mirroring.
Linux Mobile IPv6 HOWTO

Describes the software and procedures to set up and use mobile IPv6 for Linux.
Linux NCD mini-HOWTO

Describes how to hook up a NCD ThinSTAR to your local network using a Linux box as server.

Describes how to make Microsoft NetMeeting interoperate with Linux.

How to configure Linux as NIS(YP) or NIS+ client and how to install as a NIS server.
Linux Netstation HOWTO

Describes how to hook up a IBM Netstation to your local network using a Linux box as server.
Linux Networking HOWTO

Aims to describe how to install and configure the Linux networking software and associated tools.
Linux Networking Overview HOWTO

Overview of the networking capabilities of the Linux Operating System; provides pointers for further information and implementation details.
Linux Optical Disk HOWTO

Describes the installation and configuration of optical disk drives for Linux.
Linux Optimized Link State Routing Protocol (OLSR

Describes the software and procedures to set up and use Optimized Link State Routing Protocol (OLSR) with IPv6 for Linux. OLSR is used as a routing protocol for Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks.

Information on what works with Linux and PCI-boards and what does not.

How to install and use PCMCIA Card Services for Linux.

How to connect your Linux PC to a PPP server, how to use PPP to link two LANs together; provides one method of setting up your Linux computer as a PPP server. The document also provides help in debugging non-functional PPP connections.
Linux Parallel Processing HOWTO

Discusses the four basic approaches to parallel processing that are available to Linux users: SMP Linux systems, clusters of networked Linux systems, parallel execution using multimedia instructions (i.e., MMX), and attached (parallel) processors hosted by a Linux system.
Linux Partition HOWTO

Teaches you how to plan and layout disk space for your Linux system.
Linux Plug-and-Play HOWTO

How to get your Linux system to support Plug-and-Play.
Linux Print2Win mini-HOWTO

Contains the general configuration to get linux printing to a Windows print share.
Linux Printing HOWTO

A collection of information on how to generate, preview, print and fax anything under Linux (and other Unices in general).
Linux Printing Usage HOWTO

How to use the print system under Linux.
Linux Quake HOWTO

How to install, run and troubleshoot Quake, QuakeWorld and Quake II on an Intel Linux system.
Linux SCSI Generic (sg) HOWTO

Describes the SCSI Generic driver (sg) found in the Linux 2.4 production series of kernels. Focuses on the interface and characteristics of the driver that application writers may need to know.

Reviews main issues related to SMP configuration under Linux.
Linux Security HOWTO

A general overview of security issues that face the administrator of Linux systems.
Linux Shadow Password HOWTO

How to obtain, install, and configure the Linux password Shadow Suite.
Linux Sound HOWTO

Describes sound support for Linux (hardware, configuration, etc).
Linux Sound Playing HOWTO

Lists applications for Linux that play various sound formats.
Linux Thai HOWTO

How to use Thai language with Linux. This will cover setting Thai fonts, Thai keyboard and some Thai applications.
Linux Tips HOWTO

Contains those hard to find hints and tweekings that make Linux a bit nicer.
Linux Touch Screen HOWTO

How to set up a touch screen input device under XFree86.

Describes the setup, care & feeding of UUCP under Linux.

Contains a listing of service companies which do not manufacture hardware or create packaged software, but add value to existing products.
Linux VPN Masquerade HOWTO

How to configure a Linux firewall to masquerade IPsec- and PPTP-based Virtual Private Network traffic, allowing you to establish a VPN connection without losing the security and flexibility of your Linux firewall's internet connection and allowing you to make available a VPN server that does not have a registered internet IP address.

How to setup XDMCP ("X Display Manager Control Protocol").
Linux XFree-to-Xinside mini-HOWTO

How to convert an XFree86 modeline into an XInside/XiGraphics one.
Linux XFree86 HOWTO

How to obtain, install, and configure version 4.0 of the XFree86 version of the X Window System (X11R6) for Linux systems.
Linux and Psion HOWTO

How to use Psion palmtops with Linux. Does not cover running Linux on a Psion palmtop.
Linux i386 Boot Code HOWTO

Describes Linux i386 boot code, serving as a study guide and source commentary. In addition to C-like pseudocode source commentary, it also presents keynotes of toolchains and specs related to kernel development.
Linux kerneld mini-HOWTO

Explains how you can use the kerneld function in the Linux kernels.
Linux keyboard and console HOWTO

Contains some information about the Linux (v2.0) keyboard and console, and the use of non-ASCII characters.
Linux on Sony VAIO mini-HOWTO

This document explains installation of Linux on Sony VAIO computers.
Linux simple fax printer/server mini-HOWTO

Describes in detail one of the simplest ways to setup a fax server on your Linux system.
Linux web browser station

Describes the setup of Internet kiosk-type system based on Linux to be deployed to provide public Internet/webmail access.
Linux+FreeBSD mini-HOWTO

How to use Linux and FreeBSD on the same system.
Linux+Solaris mini-HOWTO

Describes how to use Solaris and Linux together on one machine. It addresses common questions like multibooting and file-sharing.
Linux+Win9x+Grub HOWTO

How to use the GRUB bootloader to turn your computer into a Windows + Linux dual boot machine, without affecting your current Linux installation.
Linux+WindowsNT mini-HOWTO

Covers some ways on how to install both Linux and Windows NT on the same computer and how to boot either of them from within LILO menu.
Linux-DOS-Win95-OS2 mini-HOWTO

Presents a procedure to make 4 operating systems co-exist on a single hard disk.

LinuxDoc+Emacs+Ispell HOWTO

Aimed at writers and translators of Linux HOWTOs or any other paper for the Linux Documentation Project. Gives hints at using tools including Emacs and Ispell.
LinuxGL (GLX) QuakeWorld Client compile mini-HOWT

How to get the OpenGL/GLX Linux QuakeWorld client compiled and working on systems with standard OpenGL hardware acceleration support.
Linuxdoc Reference - An Introduction to the linux

Intended to be a reference for the SGML document type definition linuxdoc.
Logical Volume Manager HOWTO

Describes how to build, install, and configure LVM for Linux.
Lotus Domino R5 for Linux mini-HOWTO

Instructions on installing Lotus Domino R5 for Linux on the Intel x86-based distributions of Mandrake Linux 8.1 and SuSE 7.3 Professional.
MP3 Player Box HOWTO

Describes how to build, configure, install, and use a custom MP3 player box. It lists the necessary hardware and answers a number of frequently asked questions.
MS Outlook to Unix Mailbox Conversion mini HOWTO

Covers conversion of old email in Microsoft Outlook (not Outlook Express!) to typical Unix file formats.
MacTerminal mini-HOWTO

How to configure the Mac for use as a Linux terminal.
Majordomo and MajorCool HOWTO

Intended to guide a user through an installation of the Majordomo Mailing List Software and MajorCool (utility for managing Majordomo lists via a CGI script).
Managing Accurate Date and Time HOWTO

Explains the time mechanisms on Linux, what are time zones, and precision with NTP.
Managing Multiple Operating Systems HOWTO

Covers the procedures for using removable hard disks to install and manage multiple alternative operating systems while leaving a single fixed disk to permanently house and protect the primary operating system.
Masquerading Made Simple HOWTO

Describes how to enable the Linux IP Masquerade feature on a given Linux host. Should be used as a complement to the the IP-Masquerade-HOWTO.
Mock Mainframe Mini-HOWTO

A brief description of a standard way to set up and work with a computer network for a small group of people that is inexpensive to build, easy to administer, and relatively safe.

Help with selecting, connecting, configuring, trouble-shooting, and understanding modems for a PC.
Modem sharing mini-HOWTO

Describes how to setup a Linux system in order to share a modem attached to this system with other systems over a TCP/IP network.
Modem-Dialup-NT HOW-TO

This HOWTO has been removed for review.
Motorola Surfboard 4100 + 4200 Series USB Cable M

Written to assist the Linux user in setting up the Motorola Surfboard 4000 series of cable modems.
Mozilla Optimization Mini-HOWTO

How to make configuration and source level customizations of Mozilla to make it more suitable as a primary browser for Linux and X Windows.
Multiboot with GRUB Mini-HOWTO

How to install Windows 98, Windows 2000, DOS and Linux using GRUB.
Multicast over TCP/IP HOWTO

Tries to cover most aspects related to multicast over TCP/IP networks.
Mutt-i, GnuPG and PGP HOWTO

Briefly explains how to configure Mutt-i, PGP and GnuPG in its different versions (2.6.x, 5.x and GnuPG).

An "All in One" guide for programming with ncurses and its sister libraries.
NFS-Root mini-HOWTO

How to setup a ``disc-less'' Linux workstation, which mounts it's root filesystems via NFS.
NFS-Root-Client Mini-HOWTO

How to create client root directories on a server that is using NFS Root mounted clients.
NT OS Loader + Linux mini-HOWTO

Describes the use of the Windows NT boot loader to start Linux. This procedures have been tested with Windows NT 4.0 WS and Linux 2.0.
NetWare Loadable Module Programming HOWTO

How to develop NetWare Loadable Modules under Linux, using GNU CC and nlmconv(1) from GNU binutils.
Netrom-Node mini-Howto

How to setup the ax25-utilities package for Amateur Radio such that it makes Netrom Nodes for the Node program and the BBS software from John-Paul Roubelat, F6FBB.
Network Install HOWTO

Describes how to install Linux over a Local Area Network (LAN).
Network boot and exotic root HOWTO

Explains how to quickly setup a linux server to provide what diskless linux clients require to get up and running, using an IP network.
News Leafsite mini-HOWTO

This will help you to configure a small leafsite for Usenet News using the free software package Leafnode.
Nvidia OpenGL Configuration mini-HOWTO

How to install the OpenGL drivers for Nvidia graphics cards on Linux. Also explains how to install XFree86, the OpenGL Utility library (part of Mesa), the OpenGL Utility Toolkit (glut), etc.
Optimal Use of Fonts on Linux (Font HOWTO)

Provides a comprehensive source to act as a starting point for any and all font questions about Linux.
Oracle 8i on Linux RH7.X Installation HOWTO

Following this HOWTO you should be able to get "Oracle 8i, version 8.1.7, Enterprise Edition for Linux" installed on a RedHat 7.X distribution.
Oracle 9i under Fedora Core 3 - Installation HOWT

Describes how to install Oracle 9i on Fedora Core 3 or greater.
Oracle 9i under RedHat Linux 8.x and 9.x - Simple

Describes an example of an Oracle 9i Standard Edition database installation under RedHat Linux 8.x and 9.x.

Outlines the procedures for getting the current PA-RISC/Linux development kernel to boot on your PA-RISC system. It also explains the functions of PALO, the kernel loader for PA/Linux.

Describes common tricks and problems with Unix / Linux environment variables, especially with PATH variable.
PCTel HSP MicroModem Configuration mini-HOWTO

Make your PCTel HSP MicroModem work in Linux.

This HOWTO has been removed for review. Please visit the official PHP site for information on this topic.
PHP-Nuke: Management and Programming

A definitive document on PHP-Nuke (Content Managment System).

How to install a Gnu/Linux distribution on a computer without Ethernet card, nor cdrom, but just a local floppy drive and a remote nfs server attached by a Null-Modem parallel cable.
Palm OS Desktop HOWTO

Explains how to use your Palm OS device with a Linux system.
Partition Rescue mini HOWTO

Describes how to rescue your Linux partition if it has been deleted.
Pine-Exchange mini-HOWTO

Documents the configuration of the Pine email client to be used with a Microsoft Exchange Server.
Polish HOWTO

Addresses Linux localization issues specific to Polish users (written in Polish).
PortSlave How-To using the Linux Router

A beginning document for using Portslave with the Linux router.
Portuguese HOWTO

Addresses Linux localization issues specific to Portuguese users (written in Portuguese).

This HOWTO has been removed for review. Please visit the official PostgreSQL site for information on this topic.
Program Library HOWTO

This HOWTO for programmers discusses how to create and use program libraries on Linux. This includes static libraries, shared libraries, and dynamically loaded libraries.
Programming Languages mini-HOWTO

A brief comparison of major programming languages for Linux and major libraries for creating graphical user interfaces (GUIs) under Linux.
ProxyARP Subnetting HOWTO

Discusses using Proxy Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) with subnetting in order to make a small network of machines visible on another Internet Protocol (IP) subnet.
Qmail VMailMgr and Courier-Imap HOWTO

Building a mail server that will support virtual domain hosting and provide smtp, pop3 and imap services, using a powerful alternative to sendmail.
Qmail-Scanner and ClamAV HOWTO

Describes how to integrate ClamAV, an anti-virus attachment scanner and Qmail-Scanner, an anti-virus message content scanner, with an existing installation of a qmail email server.
Querying libiptc HOWTO

Explains how to use the libiptc library included in the iptables package and how to use programs to query the internal structures.

Covers basic installation and usage of RCS, the GNU Revision Control System, under Linux.
RPM-for-Unix HOW-TO

This HOWTO has been removed for review.

RTLinux Installation and writing realtime programs in Linux.
Reliance LG LSP 340 Series WLL Modem Setup HOWTO

This document explains how to set up and configure Reliance or TATA Indicomm WLL phones on Linux, using a serial cable instead of the (default) USB cable. It also has instructions on how to build the cable yourself.
Remote Bridging with IP Tunnels mini-HOWTO

Describes how to unite two separate ethernet LANs with an IP tunnel between them.
Remote Serial Console HOWTO

Covers how to set up your hardware to use a serial console.
Remote X Apps mini-HOWTO

How to run remote X applications.
Root over NFS - Another Approach

Another approach to Diskless-root-NFS-HOWTO.
SLIP/PPP Emulator mini-HOWTO

Describes how to get your Linux box to connect to a generic site via a SLIP/PPP emulator, such as SLiRP or TIA.

How to use the Server Message Block (SMB) protocol, also called the Session Message Block, NetBIOS or LanManager protocol, with Linux using Samba.
SRM Firmware HOWTO

Describes how to boot Linux/Alpha using the SRM console, which is the console firmware also used to boot Compaq Tru64 Unix (also known as Digital Unix and OSF/1) and OpenVMS.
SSL Certificates HOWTO

How to manage a certificate authority (CA), and issue or sign certificates to be used for secure web, secure e-mail, or signing code and other usages.
Samba Authenticated Gateway HOWTO

How to build a Firewall/Gateway with rules set on user basis having the users authenticated by a Samba Primary Domain Controller.
Sat (Satellite Technology) HOWTO

Investigates "State of Art" Sat connections in a Linux environment; how to get them faster and how to share them with many clients.
Saving Space mini-HOWTO

Directions for squeezing your Linux installation into the least possible space. Particularly aimed at notebook users.
Scanner HOWTO

Documents the steps necessary for access and use of a photographic scanner device on a system running Linux.
Scientific Computing with Free GNU/Linux Software

Aims to show how a PC running GNU/Linux can be used for scientific computing. It lists the various available free software and also links on the world wide web to tutorials on getting started with the tools.
Scripting Graphical Commands with Tcl/Tk Mini-HOW

This article provides an introduction to building graphical user interface frontends for command-line utilities using Tcl and the Tk toolkit.
Second Mouse in X mini-HOWTO

Quick instructions to enable a second mouse in X.
Secure CVS Pserver Mini-HOWTO

Will help you set up a more secure CVS Pserver for anonymous CVS access.
Secure POP via SSH mini-HOWTO

How to set up secure POP connections using ssh.
Security Quick-Start HOWTO for Linux

An overview of the basic steps required to secure a Linux installation from intrusion.
Security Quick-Start HOWTO for Redhat Linux

An overview of the basic steps required to secure a Linux installation from intrusion (Redhat specific version).

How to setup a single machine with no direct access to the internet to route mail for you via sendmail and UUCP to a 'smarter host' (eg. your ISP).
Sentry Firewall CD HOWTO

An introduction on how the Sentry Firewall CDROM works and how to get started using the system.
Serbian HOWTO

Addresses Linux localization issues specific to Serbian users (written in Serbian).
Serial HOWTO

Describes serial port features other than those which should be covered by other HOWTOs. Lists information on multiport serial cards and contains detailed technical information about the serial port itself.
Serial Laplink HOWTO

Details how to setup a "laplink" connection between two computers.
Serial Programming HOWTO

How to program communications with devices over a serial port on a Linux box.
Setting Up IP Aliasing On A Linux Machine Mini-HO

How to set up and run IP aliasing on a Linux box.
Setting Up Your New Domain Mini-HOWTO

Outlines the things you will probably have to do when you want to set up a network of computers under your own domain.
Slovak HOWTO

Addresses Linux localization issues specific to Slovakian users (written in Slovak).
Slovenian HOWTO

Addresses Linux localization issues specific to Slovenian users (written in Slovenian).
Small Memory Mini-HOWTO

How to run Linux on a system with a small amount of memory.
Smart Card HOWTO

Information on smart card technology and its applications in Linux environment.
Software Release Practice HOWTO

Describes good release practices for Linux open-source projects.

How to use Software RAID under Linux. It addresses a specific version of the Software RAID layer, namely the 0.90 RAID layer made by Ingo Molnar and others. This is the RAID layer that will be standard in Linux-2.4, and it is the version that is also used by Linux-2.2 kernels shipped from some vendors. The 0.90 RAID support is available as patches to Linux-2.0 and Linux-2.2, and is by many considered far more stable that the older RAID support already in those kernels.
Software-RAID HOWTO (earlier implementation)

How to use Software RAID under Linux. RAID stands for "Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks". For users of the Linux MD kernel extension, the associated tools, and their use. This HOWTO addresses an earlier implementation.
Sound Blaster AWE 32/64 HOWTO

How to install and configure a Sound Blaster 32 (SB AWE 32, SB AWE 64) card from Creative Labs in a Linux System using the AWE Sound Driver Extension written by Takashi Iwai.
Spam Filtering for Mail Exchangers

How to reject junk mail in incoming SMTP transactions.
Spanish Linux HOWTO

Contains information on Linux in the Spanish environment, for developing software with Spanish support or how to get in touch with the Linux community in Spain (written in Spanish).
Speech Recognition HOWTO

Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) on Linux is becoming easier. Several packages are available for users as well as developers. This document describes the basics of speech recognition and describes some of the available software.
Staying Updated mini-HOWTO

How to stay updated and abreast of the development that takes place in the Linux world of development.
Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise / SQL Server HO

Describes installation and configuration of Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise (formerly known as SQL Server) relational database server on the Linux platform, together with basic usage.
Sybase-PHP-Apache mini-HOWTO

Explains how to set up a Linux machine to run an Apache web server using PHP to access a Sybase-ASE database.
Tamil Linux HOWTO

Helps you to set up a working Tamil Linux environment. It describes setting up fonts, keyboard drivers, editing and printing Tamil/bilingual documents, and working with the X Window system.
Text-Terminal HOWTO

Explains what text terminals are, how they work, how to install and configure them, and provides some info on how to repair them.
Thin Client: New User Guide

How to turn inexpensive legacy computers into fast terminals.
TkRat mini-HOWTO

Geared toward anyone interested in using their Linux computer to send and receive Internet E-Mail.
Token-Ring mini-HOWTO

Designed to help you get up and running using a Token Ring adaptor to access the network.
Traffic Control HOWTO

Traffic control encompasses the sets of mechanisms and operations by which packets are queued for transmission/reception on a network interface. This HOWTO provides an introduction and overview of the capabilities and implementation of traffic control under Linux.
Traffic Control using tcng and HTB HOWTO

A brief tutorial on using tcng (Traffic Control Next Generation) with HTB (Hierarchical Token Bucket) to perform traffic shaping on a Linux machine.
TrueType Fonts in Debian mini-HOWTO

How to configure a Debian system to use TrueType fonts for display and printing.
Turkish HOWTO

Addresses Linux localization issues specific to Turkish users (written in Turkish).

Explains how to use Umsdos (a linux file system) in different configurations, and its operation.

Teaches you things you need to know to select a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) intelligently and make it work with your open-source operating system.
USB Flash Memory HOWTO

Describes procedures for installing USB Flash Memory devices and the way of formatting them for various file systems such as vfat (the way they usually come) and ext2 (the way they fit in better with Linux).
Unicode HOWTO

How to change your Linux system so it uses UTF-8 as text encoding.
Unix Hardware Buyer HOWTO

This is your one-stop resource for information about how to buy and configure Intel hardware for cheap, powerful Unix systems.
Unix and Internet Fundamentals HOWTO

Describes the working basics of PC-class computers, Unix-like operating systems, and the Internet in non-technical language.
Upgrading Your Linux Distribution mini-HOWTO

Hints and tips on upgrading from one linux distribution to another.
Usenet News HOWTO

A complete HOWTO on Usenet news.
Using Xinerama to MultiHead XFree86 v.4.0+

How to configure XFree86 Version 4.0+ with multiple monitors and the Xinerama extentions.
VB6 To Tcl mini-HOWTO

A 15 Minute Tcl Tour For Visual Basic and VBScript Programmers.
VCR-HOWTO - Using your GNU/Linux computer as a VC

A guide to setting up your GNU/Linux workstation as a digital VCR using the video4linux driver and a supported tuner card.

Shows the embedded system community how to run Linux on their VMEbus Pentium and other PCI local bus based VMEbus processor designs.

Explains how to setup VMailMgr to support pop3 virtual domain services in conjunction with Qmail.

How to set up a Virtual Private Network with Linux.

A PPP-SSH VPN is probably the easiest type of VPN to set up. It uses nothing more than the very common PPP and SSH utilities to form an encrypted network tunnel between two hosts.
Valgrind HOWTO

A guide to Valgrind, the malloc debugger.

Describes how to use the complete VideoLAN streaming solution.
Vim Color Editor HOWTO (Vi Improved w/syntax col

This HOWTO has been removed for review.
Virtual Services HOWTO

How to virtualize a service.
Virtual Web mini-HOWTO

Discuss the essentials of setting up a Virtual Web Site under Linux.
Visible bell mini-Howto

How to use termcap to configure a visual bell on one's system and describes how to disable audible bells on demand.
VoIP Howto

Voice Over IP is a new communication means that let you telephone with Internet at almost null cost. This document covers how this is done.
Wacom Tablet HOWTO

Installation of (not only) Wacom graphic tablets under linux and/or xfree86.
Web Browsing Behind ISA Server HOWTO

If you are using a Linux box connected to a Windows-based ISA server, this article will help you in set things up so you can browse the web from your Linux machine.
Webcam HOWTO

Assists the reader in the steps necessary to configure and use a webcam within the Linux operating system.
Win95 + WinNT + Linux multiboot using LILO mini-H

How to multiboot between Windows 95, Windows NT, and Linux.
Windows LAN server HOW-TO

Intended to assist those who wish to consider Linux as a server within an office environment which has PC's primarily running Microsoft Windows 9x.
Windows Newsreaders under Linux HOWTO

Describes how to set up and use several different Windows Usenet newsreaders under the Linux operating system using the Wine "emulator."
Winmodems-and-Linux HOWTO

Helps users get a Winmodem working under Linux.
Wireless HOWTO for Linux Systems

Document explains how to setup Wireless in Linux, compatibility problems, something about geographic requirements and more.
Wireless Sync HOWTO

Explains how to perform a wireless, network sync between a Handspring Visor and jpilot or jpilot-sync.
WordPerfect Mini-howto

Discusses running WordPerfect on Linux, including a brief discussion on the WordPerfect 7.0 beta.
X Window System Architecture Overview HOWTO

Provides an overview of the X Window System's architecture.
X Window User HOWTO

Provides basic information (introductory level) on understanding and configuring the X Window System for Linux users.
X11-big-cursor mini-HOWTO

How to use enlarged mouse cursors with the X window system.
XDM and X Terminal mini-HOWTO

Describes the basic ideas for using XDM to manage X terminals. It is not meant to be a comprehensive discussion of all the features of XDM, but a gentle introduction to what XDM can to for X terminals.
XFree local multi-user HOWTO

Explains the shortest way to get a working multiple local X user-capable PC system.
XFree86 Video Timings HOWTO

How to compose a mode line for your card/monitor combination under XFree86.

Describes how to use XML-RPC to implement clients and servers in a variety of languages. Provides example code; applies to all operating systems with XML-RPC support.
Zip Drive Mini-HOWTO

Provides a quick reference quide on setting up and using the Iomega ZIP drive with Linux.
call-back mini HOWTO

How to set up call-back by using the Linux system and modem.
dosemu HOWTO

DOSEMU stands for DOS Emulation, and is an application that enables the Linux OS to run many DOS programs.
i810 with XFree86 4.x HOWTO

Describes getting XFree86 4.x running on Intel's i810 graphics chipset by using special features of the 2.4.0 kernel.
mini-HOWTO install qmail with MH

Installation experiences to offer some help to other users who wish to use this combination for their email.
openMosix HOWTO

A brief description to openMosix, a software package that turns a network of GNU/Linux computers into a computer cluster.
sendmail address rewriting mini-HOWTO

A brief description of how to set up sendmail's configuration file for the home user's dial-up access.

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